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Has a broken washer and dryer left you with no other alternative than to go to a laundromat? Are you hauling unmanageable bundles of clothes long distances through snow and rain because of this? If you’re holding out on repairing your appliances because you fear it will be too expensive, turn to our trusted technicians.

Our experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable about the numerous components that make up each laundry machine. Therefore, unlike other technicians, our professionals won’t jiggle random parts, pretending to fix the issue, and then pocket your money, leaving your appliances in the same state they found them.

Instead, they’ll go through a detailed checklist, closely examining each component and itemizing faulty parts. No matter your washer and dryer brand or age, our skilled repair technicians will explain what a washer and dryer repair in Kamloops, BC, looks like and the procedures that follow.

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Complete Washer & Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers typically last up to 15 years with proper care. However, certain components can break before that and render your entire machine unusable. Anything from faulty motors and seals to deteriorated bearings can give the illusion that your washer or dryer has undergone irreversible damage.

We have experience working with most washing machine and dryer brands, including Kenmore, Samsung, and LG, and we understand what each machine needs. We’ll help you determine if one or more defective appliance parts are jeopardizing the whole system or if a replacement machine is in order.

Common Washer & Dryer Problems We Fix

Your washer and dryer should be reliable and cost-effective. From the moment they prove to be otherwise, contact us. Our professional technicians will offer repair services at competitive prices.

We provide top-quality washer and dryer repair in Kamloops, BC, and the surrounding areas for all brands of appliances. To see how we can help you get more years out of your washer or dryer, call us at 778-400-2256 today!


Washing Machine or Dryer Turning Off Mid-Cycle

Is your machine turning off not long after you’ve turned it on? If so, your washer or dryer is short cycling.

A short cycling washing machine can leave your clothes dirty and smelly, while a short cycling dryer can result in damp clothes. What’s worse, short cycling can raise your electric bills since constant stopping and restarting uses more electricity.

While you may think it’s time to scrap your machines (and swear off the brand), an experienced technician can fix many of the factors that cause your home appliances to turn off mid-cycle. Usually, this consists of fixing a loose appliance door or other sensor issues that can prompt the machine to shut off. You may also have an electrical issue, overheating, or a constantly tripping circuit breaker, which are also problems we can fix.


Your Dryer Leave Your Clothes Damp

Your dryer has one job, which is to dry your clothes. When it refuses to do that one job, you may be the one that ends up heating up!

Although the dryer is still pulling quite a bit of electricity and running its full cycle, this drying problem may come from a faulty heating component. Within your dryer, a metal coil raises and lowers the air temperature in your appliance to your desired setting.

However, a failing component will ignore that setting or prove incapable of reaching the right temperature. Our handy technicians will examine the condition of your dryer and determine the right replacement parts for your system.


Washing Machine is Too Loud

Another washer and dryer repair in Kamloops that we perform consists of fixing unusual sounds coming from either machine. If you’ve thrown your kicks into your washing machine, you’re definitely going to hear some banging. However, a light load of shirts shouldn’t give the same sound effect.

First, check to make sure no hard objects, like coins, have gotten loose in your machine. As it spins in the drum, it will cause a clanking sound. Simply removing the problematic object can prevent damage to your machine.

 But other factors, including a faulty seal on your machine’s tub bearings or broken drum bearings, can also contribute to a rattling or pounding sound. Our skilled technicians will check all components as part of our quality appliance repair guidelines.

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