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Cooking a meal the whole family can agree on can be a struggle. However, when your stove starts failing, simply getting any meal on the table becomes your leading concern. Instead of reaching for your drawer of takeout menus, reach out to us for a skilled and experienced appliance repair technician in Kamloops, BC.

Our trained technicians will work with your schedule for the most immediate and convenient fix. From gas to electric, from a minimalistic stovetop to an oven/stove combo, we have the tools and expertise for any stove repair in Kamloops. With our competitive pricing and courteous manner, trust us to fix and test your appliance so you can get back to cooking the food you love.

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Complete Stove Repair

Have the other guys told you that you need a replacement stove or oven? While that may be true for stoves reaching the end of their lifespan, many kitchen home appliances under 15 years of age just need a cleaning or repair.

Our team will dispatch a professional technician to your home at the first sign of an emergency or for your scheduled appointment. Once there, the technician will conduct a system of checks to determine what is causing the problem. They’ll also note any worn or damaged parts that could become a problem in the future.

However, before starting any stove repair work, our technician will discuss with you what the job entails, their procedures, and the costs. The technician will also explain what you can do to keep your stove working longer and to its fullest potential.

Common Stove Problems We Fix

Since we care more about creating long-time customers rather than making a quick buck, we’ll also teach you how to maintain your appliance year-round. We’ll explain how to conduct deep cleanings on your appliance each month, which non-abrasive products you should use to clean, and how to test the oven compartment and burners thoroughly.

To learn more about our stove repair in Kamloops and the surrounding areas, contact us at 778-400-2256 today!


Gas Stove Not Igniting

One of the most common stove repairs in Kamloops is fixing a gas stove that won’t light. This is frequently caused by a blockage.

When you flip a pancake or toss chopped vegetables into a pan, food particles fall out of your cooking instrument and into the stove. Sometimes, they create a barrier along the burner head, preventing the ignitor from lighting.

Other times, a pot of water boiling over or excessive cleaning can cause a moisture problem. When water finds its way to the spark electrode, it causes a short that results in a clicking sound.

Usually, you can alleviate the problem yourself by taking off the grates and the burner caps and cleaning thoroughly around the fuel ports. If the problem persists, you’re probably looking at a complex gas, electrical, or ignitor issue that our technicians should take care of for you.


Strange Smells Coming from Gas Oven

When you ignite your gas oven, it’s not uncommon to smell an odour for a few brief minutes. This smell occurs with gas combustion as you light your oven.

However, unusual or lingering smells typically point to an oven burner issue. To better understand what’s causing the incident, our appliance repair company will send a reliable technician to your home to examine your oven further.

On the other hand, if you smell a rotten egg stench from unburned gas, you may have a gas leak. In this case, gather your loved ones and leave the premises immediately. Since gas leaks can lead to explosions, promptly call the fire department so they can determine the cause and remedy the issue. 


Electric Stovetop Won't Heat

Another common stove repair in Kamloops occurs when the electric stovetop stops working. If only one burner refuses to light, you may need a replacement burner. A malfunctioning switch or a bad burner socket connection can also cause one burner not to heat.

If all your burners remain cool upon igniting them, you may have an electrical problem. A professional should examine this electrical fault and repair it safely.

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