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Our customers rely on us for top-notch refrigerator repair in Kamloops and the surrounding communities in British Columbia. Refrigerators are one major appliance that most families rely upon at home, keeping food chilled and safe to eat year-round. If this essential appliance goes wrong, it takes perishables along with it, and the costs of inconvenience are high.

In any location, addressing refrigerator repairs quickly is vital, and a competent appliance repair team like ours is a great service to have on speed dial. We repair and restore any type of refrigerator or brand as quickly as possible, with highly competitive pricing and impressive service standards on every job. Why not delay replacing the fridge or freezer until hearing how affordable it is to use our Kamloops repair services—we might even be able to grant it another few years of life?

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Complete Fridge & Freezer Repair

When a refrigerator does fail, it is handy to have an affordable appliance repair team like ours available. We arrive at our customer’s homes whenever they need us, wielding the tools needed to save the day and the refrigerator. Once we arrive to work, the technicians quickly diagnose the issues surrounding the fridge or freezer and take the proper steps to fix them on-site.

A malfunctioning refrigerator is stressful, but it is infuriating when repair services take their time arriving and then carelessly track mud and debris through the kitchen. We do not work like that; our licensed, insured, and properly trained technicians work quickly and minimize any disruptions to the home or our customers’ busy schedules. Our team prioritizes common courtesy as much as quality repair services, making the experience as stress-free as possible.

With a service like ours, customers can have peace of mind that the right tools and knowledge arrive at every repair. The aim is to fully restore the appliance on the same day, sometimes within a few hours. We also detect and repair problems before they become major issues that call for expensive replacement parts.

Kamloops residents now have access to complete repair services for refrigerators, freezers, other kitchen appliances, and more. Regardless of the brand of the refrigerator or the severity of the issue, our team offers prompt and affordable refrigerator repair in Kamloops, BC, and the surrounding areas.

Common refrigerator problems we fix

Modern refrigerators tend to last about a decade before showing signs of wear and tear, but any major appliance beyond its prime starts to experience regular problems. Our team can diagnose any of these refrigerator issues and repair them quickly, including these common occurrences:


Your Refrigerator Makes Too Much Noise

A loud refrigerator might not bother residents at first, but it quickly disturbs the atmosphere in a home if left unattended. It might even keep people awake at night, and it is well worth calling in one of our experienced refrigerator technicians. Refrigerator noise often comes from broken or damaged motors, fan blades, or electrical control boards, and we can have it running quietly in no time.


Your Refrigerator Is Leaking

Refrigerator leaks are all too common in Kamloops and can be significant. It is a telltale sign of a blocked defrost drain or water valve, two issues that escalate quickly to shut down the appliance or damage other components. If you notice a leak, it is best to call our competent repair team for an inspection before the blockages or other broken refrigerator parts require more labour-intensive repairs.


Your Refrigerator Isn't Staying Cool

A refrigerator should maintain a temperature between 3 to 5 degrees Celsius for safe and edible food storage. If it fluctuates, even slightly, the perishables in the fridge quickly become unusable as bacteria takes over. The most common cause of these frustrating refrigerator issues is a broken defrost thermostat, but many other complex problems lead to a fridge that cannot maintain the proper temperature.

Whatever the cause, our team can diagnose and fix the problem so that the refrigerator returns to peak efficiency. We can fix most problems with a freezer or refrigerator, or any other kitchen appliance, within hours, and we typically do it without taking these appliances out of the home.

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