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Are you looking for garage door repair in Kamloops? Our team can help you get your garage door working correctly once more. We take care of commercial and residential garage doors, allowing us to assist you regardless of your situation. 

 You can easily reach out to us for assistance when you call 778-400-2256. Our customer-focused crews provide you with friendly service backed by experience. We use professional-grade garage door repair equipment to quickly handle any issue you face. 

 Please schedule your appointment with our team of garage door experts today. We can install, service, or repair garage doors in the Kamloops area. 

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Complete Garage Door Repair

We provide comprehensive garage door repair services for clients throughout the Kamloops area. We will start the process as soon as you contact us. We offer emergency service for your door system and provide competitive quotes on installation services. 

 After you reach out to us for an appointment, we’ll dispatch licensed, bonded, and insured crews to your property. Our garage door specialists utilize years of training and experience to quickly address your unique issue. 

 We aim to leave all of our customers satisfied and proud of our positive customer reviews on Google. You can contact us at any time if you’re unhappy about the results of your garage door repair or maintenance services. 

 You can count on us to use guaranteed parts when repairing your garage door. We understand the importance of using high-quality components to ensure your garage door does not break down or fail again in the future. 

 We assess the specific issues facing your garage door system when crews arrive at your property instead of treating each problem as a one-size-fits-all issue. Technicians take the time to assess the causes of your garage door problem so that they can address them directly. 

In many cases, we bring repair parts with us to appointments in Kamloops. Taking this precaution often allows us to complete the repair process quickly. We aim to provide our clients with exemplary service during garage door repair in Kamloops. 

Common Door Problems We Fix

You can get fast help with garage door repair in Kamloops by reaching out to our professional team. We always strive to put you first and work quickly to get your garage door operational again. Turn to us for garage door maintenance and install services as well. Call 778-400-2256 to set up your appointment. 


Your Door Makes Too Much Noise

Garage doors always make noise when they operate. Many homeowners get used to the noise of the motor as it lifts the door up and down. However, you may notice the sounds change over time, becoming louder. 

 In many cases, grinding noises represent a cause of concern for garage door operation. We often see this issue if the garage door lacks sufficient lubrication around the motor. In many cases, garage door repair professionals apply a lubricant around your drive screw or chain to resolve this issue.

 We use a professional-grade silicon-based lubricant to resolve this issue for property owners in Kamloops. 


Your Door Is Jammed

Homeowners want their garage door to rise when they use their gate openers. Unfortunately, sometimes these doors become stuck. As a result, they may refuse to go up or may refuse to close. Either situation can prove very frustrating. 

 Fortunately, you can contact garage door repair crews to address the issue immediately. We’ll assess the reasons for the problems with your door and may lubricate the opener. We handle repairs for both drive screw and chain garage doors. 

 We also help if your door starts to open and then closes. Generally, this problem occurs if your springs wear out or your photo-eyes become obstructed. We may replace your springs or clean the photo eyes to resolve the issue.


The photo eyes on your garage door act as sensors, preventing the door from closing if there’s something in the way. 


Your Door Is Broken

Do you have a different issue with your garage door? You can reach out to us for help if you notice:

       Cracks in your garage door

      Issues with the sealant around the door

      A broken garage door remote 

 We address all of these issues and more for our clients in Kamloops. For example, we may need to replace your remote in some cases, allowing you to resume the normal operation of your garage door. We can also replace your sealant ring or fill the gaps in the door as it begins to crack. 

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